• Equipment Management Services


    Equipment Management Services help you stay on top of monitoring maintenance and repair costs without adding headcount – potentially freeing up resources for other jobs.  Whether your challenge is to increase production, control costs, improve operator performance or run a safe operation, there is a way to solve it with Equipment Management Services by PLM Connect.

    • Free up internal resources for monitoring asset location and hours and regular fleet maintenance
    • Understand peak performance benchmarks and keep every asset operating at those levels
    • Control costs related to asset use, fuel, maintenance and health
    • Reduce field service calls by taking the recommended part with you the first time
    • Get expert advice on using asset data to identify training opportunities and measure progress through ongoing performance reporting
    • Maintain ultimate up-time
    • Avoid safety incidents resulting from equipment or component failure

    Condition Monitoring Service:  PLM Connect presents a condition monitoring service designed specifically for the pipeline industry to quickly locate, troubleshoot and repair equipment while reducing the number of trips out to a machine.  Data is collected from multiple resources and combined into one easy to read alert.  All data is gathered and analyzed by a condition monitoring analyst who then communicates the information to you. 
    For more detailed information, click on the Condition Monitoring information sheet below.


    Utilization / Benchmark Report: 

    You will receive a monthly utilization and benchmark report that includes equipment run-time and idle-time reports with comparisons to a global pipeline benchmark, frequently occurring operator induced faults, and much more. 
    For more information on custom reporting, please contact PLM Connect Specialist:  
    Marcus Anders  |     manders@www.paleoburnreviewer.com     |    +1-713-580-8478


    Equipment (Asset) Tracker:   PLM’s exclusive cloud based equipment management software program, Equipment Tracker, is designed with pipeline contractors in mind. Equipment Tracker gathers valuable asset data from various GPS providers and combines hours, fuel, and location into one easy-to-use portal. This online tool will help your organization make sense of all the data and easily run reports for hours and fuel used per division, job-site, project, zip code etc.. Equipment Tracker also aids in auditing your asset allocation by use of the integration with your master equipment list and our mapping tool.  For more detailed information, please click on the information sheet below.
    Contact PLM Connect Specialist:  
    Marcus Anders  |     manders@www.paleoburnreviewer.com     |    +1-713-580-8478


    S•O•S Fluid Analysis:  With Caterpillar® state-of-the-art analysis and concise reporting, you can better track equipment, optimize equipment performance and control service and maintenance costs.  Highly trained S•O•S Fluid Analysts know your Cat® equipment better than anyone and will back up your analysis with maintenance advise and service recommendations.  For more detailed information, click on the S•O•S Fluid Analysis information sheet below.
    To Order S•O•S Kits:   parts@www.paleoburnreviewer.com    |    +1-713-580-8475

    Cat Inspect 4.0: Cat Inspect is a digital application that allows you to easily download Caterpillar inspection forms, complete your inspections and immediately share your results.  All digitally, with no need for paperwork.  With serial number-specific PM checklists (inspections), performing the Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance recommended services at the appropriate intervals has become much easier.  For more detailed information, click on the Cat Inspect information sheet below.  Cat Inspect Overview & Demo
    Contact the PLM Cat Connect Specialist for access to the Cat Inspect digital app:  
    Marcus Anders  |     manders@www.paleoburnreviewer.com     |    +1-713-580-8478
    Cat® App:  Defeat unplanned downtime and boost your bottom line with the new Cat App.  A simple, easy-to-use fleet management tool, the Cat App makes your equipment easy to track, gives access to real-time data and offers actionable insights.  Keep your operation running smoothly while saving time and money. 
    Learn more about the new Cat App
    Download the Cat App from Apple or Google Play store today.

    PLM Rental Fleet:  The PLM Rental Fleet assets are all monitored using Equipment Management Services.  This means you can have confidence that the equipment working on your project is well maintained.    PLM’s focus on the pipeline industry also includes a dedicated Product Support Coordinator (PSC) team that works with the PLM condition monitoring analyst to troubleshoot and advise repairs in collaboration with the local Cat dealer technician, reducing downtime and costs.   These pipeline equipment experts know the unique challenges you face and will help you solve them.  
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